Prime time grind time!


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You know what?

After passing all the practical assessments for my PT accreditation I didn’t think I was cut out to be a trainer…

Yea, I enjoy training myself and setting up all my own programs, but trying to explain to another person to “lift your hips” or “give me one more”? Got to admit, that stuff didn’t really rock my boat.


The relationship mum and I share is similar to this >< lol

Well, that is, until recently.
You see, I had this brilliant idea around December last year to give my mum and dad personal training sessions for Christmas. Being the master of delegation, I figured that I’d get someone else to teach them all the set up points and familiarize them to a gym environment before my sister and I took over and did their private training.

The lessons lasted 3 months…

Within the first week, mum lamented at every opportunity, claiming that her lower back injury was flaring up and she hated feeling sore after every session.

I said to her exactly what she said to me when I complained about all those swimming classes she made me go to as a kid: I told her to “suck it up princess”!

She laughed and called me mean 🙂

But after week two, the angry phone calls stopped. In two weeks, she had managed to drop 1.2 kg and her lower back wasn’t giving her the same grief. She was sold.

Things improved rapidly after that.

happy dad smile

Hehe the “victory” shot that mum and dad sent me the morning they made it to the top of the thousand steps walking trail

Right into a 2 day a week routine, Dad and her got happier and fitter in the process- so fit in fact, that at 9am one morning I was greeted by a photo text sent from dad’s mobile of them looking elated and full of pride at the top of the thousand steps trail!

When their gym sessions finished up, I was actually quite nervous about taking over their training…

I still remember that first night I met them at the gym after work, both mum and dad sporting tea towels and matching trackies ready for action.

They jumped onto the rowing machines and started their warm up as I scrambled around the gym setting up circuit stations for them. Okay, I thought, maybe we can start with simple body weight exercises and go easy for now.

Ha! I couldn’t have been more wrong!

As soon as they jumped off the rowers, I was struggling to keep up with them- being dragged to each resistance machine and showing me what exercises they wanted to do. Planks, shoulder presses, seated rows, lat pull downs….body weight exercises? Pffft, ain’t nobody got time for that 😉

Their fitness and strength levels were phenomenal. Mum is doing 20kg seated rows and dad is doing 37kg lat pull downs, all with perfect form. It’s brilliant!

That night, I drove home from the gym with the biggest grin on my face.

Training my parents reminded of why I started in the first place: the confidence and how empowered both my oldies were while doing the training blew me away.

Mum finally got to see her own strength and she’s a lot stronger than she thought she was.

Today, they both held their own as I ran them through a 4 station circuit that included prowler (sled) pushes.

Amazingly, both of them pushed that 30kg frame up and down the astro-turf like little tanks. They did it both so well, they gave my younger participants a run for their money!

They had both taken a step to build a healthier future and I’m completely honored to be able to help them along the way. So yes, personal training may be my true calling after all- more butts to kick, more positive transformations ahead!


Ta-da! Proud parents to a grateful daughter in a princess dress 🙂

I know I keep apologizing like a broken record about not posting regularly (sorry, been drowning in wedding planning, work and part time courses!), however I’m an Instagram nerdo so follow me for my day to day buzz. See you there? 🙂

Exercise is the true fountain of youth. Try it sometime and see for yourself 🙂

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