Not always the Bridesmaid


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Last Saturday, I once again donned my big Fran Drescher hair, made like a drag queen and teetered on sky-high pole dancing shoes for the ANB Bodybuilding stage.

I came, I saw and I conquered.

Three layers of tan and a custom bling-bikini later (amazing design by the way, thanks Stacey from 67 Bikinis!), I am now the proud owner of a 3rd place trophy in the over 30 swimwear division.

The lead up to the stage this time round was definitely less crazy- my ever knowledgeable coach Ben Siong from ASP Training has provided invaluable guidance and he kept me lean while still lifting heavy. The way my body composition has changed since I started 18 months ago has been phenomenal and I’m quite happy with the way I ended up looking on the day.

skye lee skinny fat
The thing I do take away from the last comp is the amazing array of people I have had the privilege to meet, one of which was Dani Bosancic (the stunning lady on my right). I felt so honored to be on stage with Dani- it was her profile on the ANB website that I had admired for so long, she inspired me to go for my first competition and she continues to inspire me with her beautiful attitude and confidence.

Being a mother and a business owner (she runs Fit and Trim 4 Life) has not stopped Dani from looking after her own health and that of her clients’ and that, to me, is a true ambassador for fitness.

Everyone has their own story to the stage.

fitness mania anb victoria 2014 swimwear model bikini malaysian girlThank you once again to Priscilla Burnett and Ben Siong from Australian Strength Performance, Coral for your life-saving chicken backstage, my beautiful husband (to be, I’ve officially got less than 12 hours to go lol) Jonathan Lee for loving me even though I’ve had my cranky pants on, and to mum and dad for not calling me skinny anymore!

I truly hope that my fitness journey has inspired you to embark on your own story. Please don’t think that it’s all about brown tans, fake boobs and testosterone. That’s all part of the show.

The real magic happens when the competitors come off the stage and get others motivated to get up, go out and start moving.

Exercise is the true fountain of youth. Try it sometime and see for yourself 🙂

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